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North Carolina's Haunted Museums - Haunts with Shocking History

As with ##Region##'s Haunted Theaters, many of ##Region##'s local Museums are believed to be haunted as well. Home to a variety of historical items and artifacts, museums are a well known hot-spot for paranormal activity. It's widely believed that some spirits latch on, or tether themselves to items that were of great importance to them before passing, and as home to numerous historical artifacts, it's no wonder that some spirits make their home at museums! Some museums are even located on historical grounds - battlefields, historical homes, old prisons, and other historically significant locales where soldiers, politicians, writers, and many others lived, and passed on. Find out more about ##Region##'s real Haunted History - visit a local Haunted Museum today!
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    The Ashe County Courthouse, built in 1904, has been converted and now exists as the Museum of Ashe County History. While the building doesn't have a long history of paranormal occurences, a notable incident occurred in 2010, when a summer intern reported the presence of a ghost. The intern said that she was on the first floor and heard a distant phone ring, followed by a string of... Read More

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